DEL Property Management

DEL Property Management

I am happy to give this testimony on Magnum Fire Protection Inc. having experienced their professionalism over the last 6 years.

Magnumfire Protection Inc., was awarded the contract to safeguard 250 Scarlett Road in the year 2017, and since then they have done their due diligence annually and conducted work in a timely manner, saving us costs by keeping their price steady and competitive adjusting only for when inflation demanded an adjustment, which was very reasonable, and amazingly, and not increasing obvious cost increases with the advent of covid-19 drove costs up.

They have their personnel well equipped with PPE and following all the safety protocols.

They have well trained technical personnel to take care of Fire Alarm related to residential and common area; sprinklers and standpipes; extinguishers and hoses and emergency lighting; all which 250 Scarlett has as a multi-level high rise.

I can confidently say that Magnum Fire Protection has my endorsement, as a company with honesty and integrity in fire safety protection.