Sprinkler Systems

Sprinkler Systems

Wet Systems– A system with piped water distribution. Connected by heat sensors that get activated in case of fire. A properly functioning system will supress and active fire and minimize water damages.

Dry Systems operate on a similar premise as a Wet System whereby automatic sprinkler heads hold close the system with a heat-sensitive device, however in a Dry System water is not held within the piping system. Dry Systems are commonly used in areas where ambient temperatures present a risk of freezing water in a Wet System.

Pre action Systems– Pre-Action Systems are specialized Sprinkler Systems designed for areas where accidental activation is undesirable due to potential for loss of product, equipment or items within the sprinkler coverage area.

Retrofit is when a layout of a space is changed the sprinkler system should be designed to meet the new changes as per the Fire Codes. This change is called the retro fitting of sprinkler systems. This option opposed to changing the whole system enables our customers to save on costs. We strongly stand by all our recommendations and suggested deficiencies.

Fire pumps supply pressurized water to the sprinkler systems. Most commonly powered by electricity. The optimum pressure should be maintained to prevent sprinklers heads form being activated.