Fire Alarm Systems, Fire Alarm Retrofitting

Fire alarm strobe light

Magnum Fire Protection provides comprehensive services to many different types of systems. We will be your service provider who can install, repair and service all of your fire prevention needs.

Fire alarm systems:

  • Detect a potential cause, fire or trouble in a facility.
  • Notify its occupants by sounding of the alarm.

Fire alarm systems that are connected to monitoring stations dispatch the fire brigade swiftly to a facility with an active alarm.

A fire alarm retrofit upgrades an existing fire alarm by adding modern components that did not exist at the time that a system was initially manufactured or installed. This option may be more economical than changing a whole fire alarm system. A professional evaluation by Magnum Fire Protection can enlighten you.

Some of the systems installed and serviced by Magnum Fire Protection:

  • Notifier
  • Mircom
  • Edwards
  • Mirtone
  • Simplex
  • Siemens Cerberus
  • Honeywell