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Fire alarm systems have two jobs. One, It must detect a potential fire and/or trouble in a facility, and two, notify its occupants. Fire alarm system provides quick response in any fire related emergencies. Read more
Wet Systems– A system with piped water distribution. Connected by heat sensors that get activated in case of fire. A properly functioning system will supress and active fire and minimize water damages. Read more
We offer options for every application, including Class A, B, C, D and K fires occurring in areas with Low, Moderate and High Hazard classification. Read more
When the lights go out, your emergency lighting equipment is designed to provide illumination during power outages. Read more

Smoke alarm is a self-contained device, that gets activated by smoke and sends out a audible and sometimes visual signal to alert the residents. Read more
A fire safety plan is a complex document, often required by law, which describes the procedures for preparedness and response to fire emergencies. Read more
A system specifically designed for restaurants to control and extinguish fires without human intervention. Read more
Clean Agent Fire Protection Systems. Dry Chemical Systems. Carbon monoxide systems. Read more